Dear Daughters, At some time, most of us have experienced that initial bliss we feel when we have hit it off with someone new. With the exchange of glances, the racing heart and the hope that maybe this is "the one," we can easily lose ourselves in a whirlwind romance. While listening to our hearts … Continue reading

Coping with Fear

Dear Daughters, Fear is a common emotion. Caused by a release of adrenaline from the nervous system, fear energizes our bodies with both positive and negative results. It can aid in our fight-or-flight self-defense mechanism, protecting us from threatening situations. However, fear can also paralyze us, preventing us from living normal, balanced lives. If you … Continue reading Coping with Fear

Depression in Women

Dear Daughters, Statistically, adult women suffer twice as much from depression as men. The reasons include social differences, physical and hormonal differences, and age-related differences. The most important fact about depression in women is that treatment can be highly successful. Consider the following facts from the National Institute of Mental Health. • Are women more … Continue reading Depression in Women

How can I change my controlling personality?

Dear Daughters, Having a controlling personality that dominates your relationships with others may alienate friends and relatives. Instead of feeling as if there is give and take in the relationship, they may begin to believe that their feelings and opinions do not matter. If you find that you are often the one who controls things … Continue reading How can I change my controlling personality?

Dealing with Rejection

      Dear Daughters, Too many people let disappointments bring them down or discourage them from moving forward. What you need to understand is that your attitude and, more importantly, what you do to prepare before you make your approach will strongly affect the outcome. And your tactic, while being a function of your … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection