How to Cope with Being Alone During the Holidays

Dear Daughters,

The holidays are synonymous with family, so spending a holiday alone can seem depressing. If you’re a person who will be spending this holiday season all alone, know that it doesn’t have to be too bad.

Your holiday by yourself can really be whatever you make it. Do you want to spend the whole day sleeping and feeling a little bummed out? Feel free to. Do you want to eat a lot, drink a lot, and spend the day binging on Netflix? Go ahead. Just know what to expect, and it will be a perfectly fine holiday alone However, there are many things you can do to ensure your holiday season is special, whether you are alone or with those who are not family.

Seek Others Out

Chances are that if you do not have holiday plans, at least one other person you know also does not have holiday plans. Ask around and see if some friends want to get together for dinner or another activity.

They will be grateful that you took the initiative to make plans. Be proactive. Call up other people who might be on their own and arrange a holiday dinner, agreeing to split the meal preparation duties. Lots of singles look forward to their “orphans’ Christmas” each year, celebrating with old friends and new ones.

Don’t assume that everyone you know will be busy throughout the holidays. Even if they have family commitments, they still might welcome the opportunity to escape to spend some time with you.

Another good option for being around others is volunteering. Many organizations, including soup kitchens and homeless shelters, take on extra volunteers around the holidays to accommodate for larger numbers. Ask to help out – you may even find yourself making new friends.

A pet can be a great companion, especially during the holidays. If you have one, get it a special treat and enjoy its company. If you do not have a pet, the holiday season is a great time to consider getting one, if you are able to care for it.

Treat Yourself

I do this all the time. If you are planning on spending your holiday alone at home, consider treating yourself to something special. This indulgence will give you something to look forward to and make the holiday feel unlike an ordinary day. Ideas include:

  • Movie marathon with your favorite snacks
  • Home spa treatments
  • Stocking up on library books and reading them with a hot beverage

You could also take this time to focus on self and home improvement. Why not tackle the painting project you have been putting off? Or, if you have been telling yourself you should take up a new hobby, do that now.

If you would like to venture out of the house, brainstorm some of your favorite activities. If you like movies or live shows, treat yourself to a ticket. Here are some other activities  that would get you out of the house include:

  • Ice skating
  • Going for a drive
  • Going for a short trip
  • Spending a night in a hotel, even if it is in your own city or town
  • Dining at a favorite or special restaurant.

When it is More Serious

Let’s be real, this will probably be a tough holiday.  Really tough.  If you’re spending any of it alone, acknowledge things will be hard and then cut yourself some slack. This holiday won’t look like holidays past or like a feel-good Hallmark movie, but remind yourself (and this is the important part) that just because your holiday doesn’t look ideal doesn’t mean there can’t be moments of peace, comfort, and joy.

If you have constant feelings of sadness and depression, you should consult a doctor. He or she can make recommendations for treatment or medication that can help you feel better.

Being alone during the holidays may be rough but you are strong and can get through it!

If you like this post please share with someone in need.

As Always,

love Mom


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