Coping Skills


Dear Daughters,

No matter how mentally healthy, resilient, or happy you are, there comes a time in every person’s life when he or she will need to cope with something difficult. Coping is something we all do, whether we do it consciously or without thinking. In this piece, we’ll examine tons of examples of healthy coping techniques, a few examples of some negative coping methods.

Diversions coping:

  • Take a shower or a bath
  • Garden
  • Take a walk, or go for a drive
  • Organize clean the house

Social/Interpersonal Coping:

  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Set boundaries and say “no”
  • Be assertive
  • Use humor

Cognitive Coping:

  • Make a gratitude list
  • Lower your expectations of the situation
  • Keep an inspirational quote with you
  • Be flexible
  • Tension Releasers:
  • Exercise or play sports
  • (yelling in the bathroom, punching a punching bag)
  • Cry
  • Laugh
  • Physical:



  • Pray or meditate
  • Enjoy nature
  • Get involved in a worthy cause

A Coping Skills Toolkit

A coping skills toolkit has everything you need to calm down and regroup during a tough time. First, choose a box, folder, bag, backpack, or other container for your toolkit. Then fill it with things that you know make you feel good. Here are some ideas:

  • Your favorite music
  • A small object, like a stone, that feels good to hold Inspiring pictures of family or friends
  • A list of your favorite activities
  • Numbers of people to call/text if you need a friend
  • Contact info for your therapist, case worker, or crisis line
  • Funny jokes
  • A craft, like Crocheting, whittling or writing
  • A puzzle: jigsaw, crossword or sudoku
  • Something that smells good, like a scented candle or lotion
  • A soft object
  • An eye pillow
  • A list of things you love and are grateful for
  • Candy, chocolate, or other treat
  • Colored pencils, paint and paper

There are nearly infinite ways to cope. We all use different methods that suit our unique personalities and needs. You may find that what causes stress in one individual will help another to cope.

It’s not important whether you cope like everyone else; all that matters is that you find effective coping methods that will help you build resilience and thrive!



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